Countries that Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone, hope you're all well! fingers crossed🤞 My foot has been acting up a lot this past week, I don't think it's helped that we've been quite busy so resting hasn't been an option, but at least things are getting done, otherwise, we would've been under more stress than usual. Something that I've always … Continue reading Countries that Celebrate Thanksgiving!

National Happiness Month Quotes!

(Italian) Buongiorno a tutti!, (English translation: Good morning everyone!) hope you're all ok. On Monday, I received a letter in the post from the hospital informing me of an upcoming appointment that has been made for me, to have an Electroencephalography (EEG) test to check my brainwaves to see if they can determine a diagnosis for what's … Continue reading National Happiness Month Quotes!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Recipes!!

Good Morning to you all, hope you're well and keeping warm, especially with the continuous downpour, which we are expected more of. Father's Day Father’s Day was invented by American Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to honour her father, a veteran who had, as a single parent, raised his six children. The first Father’s … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Recipes!!