What A Beautiful Day For A Wedding.

As you remember from last weeks post, I mentioned that my sister was getting married the following day, well I’m happy to say that she’s now officially a married woman!

Before I show you the wedding photos, I’m gonna show you the hotel we stayed at the night before. 


The hotel itself was amazing, from the excellent service that you got from all the staff and employees and not forgetting the tasty food that was served at the village grill, I surely had a pleasant stay.


The room I stayed in was perfect, the bed was comfy and very high (which took a bit of getting used to as I’m not very tall). As you can see the room was provided with a giant tv that’s set up in a perfect position at the foot of the bed, and a fan which was very much needed with the heatwave that’s been happening. The bathroom was pristine and beautifully designed. I would 100% recommend the Village Hotel as a place to stay, I stayed at the one in Nottingham, but there are other cities they can be located. 


Kim thought out the venue spectacularly. As her and Chris are fans of Anime especially Totoro, they had a theme amongst the tables. Each table was named after a character from the movie My Neighbour Totoro.

The Ceremony


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Mr and Mrs Barnes


Overall even though it was hot, it was still a truly magical day filled with happiness, and Kim looked beautiful in her dress and Chris looked very dapper in his suit. Welcome to our crazy family Chris! 

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