A Gift To My Dad.

IMG_0345IMG_0346IMG_0350IMG_3100IMG_0013IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0026Loving Kyra and Andrew

I know father’s day has been and gone (but only just), and I already had last weeks blog post already set up, so I didn’t get to post this for my dad to wish him a happy father’s day, so this ones for you dad this week!

What can I say about my dad that most people say anyway? I love you, he already knows I love him. You’re the best, I don’t want to give him a big head but yeah he is the best. I can say that I wouldn’t be this far in life if it wasn’t for his continuous support, and ability to make me laugh when my mood is deflated, and how I cherish his hugs especially when he’s been gone all day at work and comes home late. It’s the little things he does like: making me cups of tea, talking to me through my panic attacks when I’m in a crowd and feel claustrophobic, these are just a few of the many things he does and I appreciate every single one of them. Thank you dad for always sticking by me through my many hospital trips and visiting me everyday without fail when I was there for a month. I love you dad and couldn’t ask for anyone better.

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