Manchester: Is it a good place for a daytrip out?

While many people associate Manchester with the football teams I.e. United and City, it is also a great place for some beautiful scenery and getting amazing pictures. Before this trip out, I had only been there once around Christmas (to buy presents) but this time I went solely for the views and it did not disappoint. The day was beautifully sunny which meant I got to spend most of the time outside enjoying not only the sun but to walk around the Quays waterfront which was just magnificent, I recommend having a nice little wander around to get different perspectives of the view. Quite close by as you can see is the BBC studios and just a further along is the ITV studios, unfortunately I couldn’t get that close to the building to actually get a better shot. There is also great shopping in the area if that’s what you desire to do, and plenty of places to enjoy a bite to eat and get a cold drink for those hot summer days or a nice coffee to wake you up or tea if coffee isn’t something your interested in. Overall if your looking for a good day out, I would definitely recommend Manchester as a place to visit!

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