My Sister’s Getting Married!


It’s crazy to think that my beautiful big sister Kim is getting married, and what is  more insane is that her wedding day is tomorrow. It’s definitely not been an easy road in life for Kim, she’s had to go through her fair share of heartbreak, but then again who hasn’t? She’s dreamed about this day for quite some time and I’m so happy that she now gets to have her dream.


She has planned it all spectacularly and I just know that the day will be magical and its one that we won’t forget for a while. Amazingly she has been cool, calm and collected throughout the process that comes with arranging a wedding. Even when there’s been a few hiccups, she’s always kept a level head and just faced the problem head on, (thats the stubborness in her).

I remember when Kim and Chris first started dating, she wasn’t sure about him to begin with, i think she was guarding her heart from getting hurt all over again, but the longer they were together, he was slowly breaking the walls down that surrounded her heart and she was letting him in, as he was making her happy, and each day after they only became happier. Of course their relationship hasn’t been perfect, they’ve had their arguments and have definitely gone through some ups and downs, but they have stood by each other through it all.

Knowing that Chris has made her happy and still continues to, gives me a good feeling as this is probably going to sound abit bias but Kim really deserves all the happiness she can get. She’s an amazing sister and i’m so happy that i get to witness and share this special day with her!


Check back next week for wedding pictures 🙂

*Quick shout out to a fellow photographer Chris Terry who took these amazing photos and who you can follow on instagram at

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