War Gallery: Part 1.

Hello, hope everyone is ok and had a nice summer holiday! The next two weeks posts will be a two-parter, as the War Gallery is featured over two floors, and I thought it would be easier to do a separate post for each, as I took quite a few pictures and if I put them all in one post, you would be here for quite some time 😉 so sit back and enjoy looking at the pictures.

Comprising of 95 individual carvings, the panels depict scenes from the First and Second World Wars.

The cause of the war was initially the desire of the Southern States (The confederacy) to break away from the North (The Union) and become self-governing.

Some of the pictures seen here show different things used in British Wars i.e. Second-Lieutenant Harry Drinkwater’s map for a trench raid, Notebooks written by Sergeant George Smirk, and also a unit photo of the 200th ‘Battalion of Death’.

As you can tell, the first picture has different numbers located on it, they are explained in more detail in the next four photos as to what they do to help the troops.

Below are the rest of the pictures, have a click through the slideshow to see what else is located on the third floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The third and final installment of the Royal Armouries Museum will be up next week, with the Part 2 of the War Gallery!

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