This or That: Travel Edition

Hello you wonderful people, how are you all? hopefully doing well. I've been in a lot of pain due to my Fibromyalgia acting up  😞 if you're unsure of what it is I will insert a link here that will give you some information about the condition. I can't decide whether this past week … Continue reading This or That: Travel Edition

30 Quotes to Inspire Kindness!

Hey everyone, how are you all? doing well, I hope 🀞🏽. Due to the recent tragedies that have happened I.e a lot of people, unfortunately, losing their homes caused by the floods that occurred due to the storms Ciara and Dennis and the sudden passing of Tv presenter Caroline Flack, I would just like to … Continue reading 30 Quotes to Inspire Kindness!

Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day In the U.K!

Good morning you wonderful people! Hope you are all OK (fingers crossed 🀞🏽) if your not, I hope you feel better soon. This Sunday just gone, we were supposed to have gone to see my sister but unfortunately, my mum and I were quite poorly πŸ˜” My mum was suffering a lot with her back … Continue reading Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day In the U.K!