Science and Media Museum Part 2.

Second part of the museum continued….

The museum consists of 6 floors all consisting of different galleries, that will meet the needs of young and old people alike. You can take time to explore each floor and enjoy the experience at your own pace.

Here is what is on each floor:

Lower Ground Floor ~ Kodak Gallery

On this floor, you can learn so much about the history of photography, and see the generations of cameras as the years have gone by and learn how advanced photography has become. This was one of my personal favourite floors as I got to see for myself some of the earliest pictures that were taken.

Ground Floor ~ Life online

You can learn about the developers of the first computer on this floor; How the internet came to be, and how social media started, and what it was like in the early days of  building your own website.

Level 2 ~ City Girls

Unfortunately this is a floor that you can’t take any pictures on, but you can see Nudrat Afza’s collection of photo’s of female supporters at a Bradford match. The way she captures these women of all ages and backgrounds, witnessing the game, is truly remarkable. Looking at these pictures, you can practically feel the emotion that was captured in that moment. Bear in mind though, this exhibition is only temporary and is only available to see until the 24th June 2018.

Level 3 ~ Experience TV & Wonderlab

If your like me and love anything to do with tv then this is the floor for you! You can learn the history of television, and how much it impacts our lives on a daily basis. You can watch iconic moments in a viewing booth that people still talk about today.  Another thing that is on this floor is, the wonderlab with over 20 mind-bending exhibits and live experiments that you can interact with to your hearts content.

Level 4 ~ Makespace

This floor is best described as free workshops that you can interpret your own creations.

Level 5 ~ Animation Gallery

See the artwork and storyboards behind some of the most well loved shows you grew up with, from Wallace & Gromit, Morph, Bob the Builder to even The Wombles, and follow the process of how the behind the scenes works to create these masterpieces. Learn about the creators and the techniques used to bring animation to life.

Level 6 ~ BFI Meditheque

Want to sit down for a few minutes, or longer and discover the best films and tv programmes from the BFI national archive, well on this level you can browse through over 2,500 titles, until you land on something that peaks your interest. You get our own booth and headphones, so you can listen to what your watching without disturbing anyone else.

If you would like to know more information you can visit the site at

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