Mental Health Awareness

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. I think its important for people to know that suffering with mental health is not something you should feel embarrassed or ashamed about. There are ways you can learn to cope to deal with it, for example;

Therapy: Whilst it may not be for everyone, therapy has proved to be quite helpful for a number of people, just talking to someone who’s willing to listen can be a game changer for most, as the saying goes, it’s good to “get things off your chest” and feeling like a weight has been lifted.

Yoga/Meditation: If your looking for a way to calm your mind and body, meditating can be very useful to regain yourself again and find the peace within yourself. Even just taking a few moments to take a few deep breaths can be very helpful to your mental health.

I wanted to write this as I know a lot of people who suffer with mental illness, myself included, for quite a few years I have suffered with depression and anxiety and the one thing I found helpful to cope with them was yoga, which I find helps to relax my nerves and calm my fears. Another thing I found helpful is finding something I’m passionate about i.e. photography, so if you have a hobby or passion that you would like to pursue, i recommend going for it, doing something you love can go a long way to keeping your mind focused.

I also want everyone to know that what works for some people might not work for others. And please know that you are not alone.

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