Oriental Gallery.

Over the next few weeks, the pictures that you are shown below, will all be found from the same place which is the Royal Armouries Museum. I’ve decided to do a post for each floor as there is so much to share, that I think each floor needs to be appreciated for what they offer, and if I put it all in one post, you may be here for a while 😛

By reading the title you know this ones all about the oriental gallery located on the fourth floor of the museum.


The photos above show the scene of a wounded tiger turning and attacking his pursuers, as described by H.A.L (Henry Astbury Leveson) in his book ‘Sport in Many Lands.



War elephants were mainly used in India and South-East Asia but occasionally in Western Asia, North Africa, Spain and Italy.


The First picture shows a pair of Flintlock double-barrelled pistols made by W. Bailes in 1750.


Above are some of the armour they  (i.e. Indians, Japanese etc…) had to wear.

Below you can click through the slideshow to have a look at the rest of the Oriental Gallery.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check back next week for more!


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