This Or That Questions.

Buon Giorno everyone, hope you’re all well.

It’s been a bit of an up and down week since I last posted, as Thursday night saw me ending up in the hospital with a cut on my right leg and a deep slice on my left, which caused me to lose quite a lot of blood, not just once but twice. At the moment, I’m still resting them (per the nurse’s orders) as they are both bruised which in turn is causing me to have difficulty putting weight on them, so I’ve had to rely on a wheelchair and my parents to help me around (which is something I find very difficult to do as I don’t like depending on anyone), hopefully they’re healed by next week.

Due to the reason above ⬆️ I was unable to travel to take pictures, so for this weeks post Instead of doing what I originally was going to do (I already had it planned in my head last Wednesday) meaning what occurred Thursday night, I decided to do a This or That questionnaire. Every now and then I do like to complete them to see if my opinions have changed, so…shall we get to the questions?

Related image

► Cookies or cake?


► Cat or dog?


► Computer games or video games?

Video Games.

► Pop music or Rock music?

Rock Music (although I do like Pop Music as well).

► Stuffed animals or dolls?

Stuffed Animals. Related image

► Pancakes or waffles?


► Hot chocolate or coffee?


► Morning or evening?


► Day or night?


► Text message or call?

Text (Never liked calling people).

► Library or museums?

This is a hard choice, I love both, but I’ll pick Museums.

► French or Spanish?


► Summer or winter?

Always loved Winter.

► Theatre or cinema?

Got to go with Cinema there.

► Love or money?

Love all the time.

► Book or movie?

Can I choose Both?Related image

► Tea or coffee?

Coffee when I’m tired, BUT Tea every other time.

► Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla (Chocolate makes me feel sick).

► Coca-Cola or Pepsi?


► Rain or snow?

Both, but I prefer Rain.

► Car or motorcycle?


► Comedy or horror?

Comedy lover.

► Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Hot Dogs.

► Paper or plastic?

Paper (Protect the Environment).

► Boat or plane?

Plane (Love flying).

► Painting or drawing?

Drawing (A hobby of mine). 

► Reading or writing?

Both, I love Writing and Reading lets me escape into other worlds!. 

► Singing or dancing?

Dancing (A passion of mine).

► T-Shirts or sweaters?

T-shirts.   Image result for trees

► Flowers or trees?


► Phone or computer?

Computer (Better internet)

► Brown or black hair?

Naturally, a Brunette, so Brown Hair.

► Superman or Batman?

Not a fan of Batman, Superman all the way.

► Doctor Who or the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead (only just started watching Doctor Who again recently after quitting it for a few years).

► Lions or Bears?

Bears (Panda, Polar etc…).

► Milk or juice?


► Gold or silver?


► 50’s or 80’s music?

80’s Music.

► Google or Bing?

It’s got to be Google. Related image

► Frozen yoghurt or ice cream?

Ice Cream (So many flavours to choose from ☺ ).

► Blue or green eyes?

Both are nice, but Blue wins just that little bit more.

► Witches or wizards?

“You’re a wizard Harry!” – Does that answer the question!

► Fire or ice?

Ice Ice baby.

► Straight or curly hair?


► Fruits or vegetables?

Huge Vegetable fan.

► Burgers or tacos?


► Roses or daisies?

Daisies.  Image result for panda

► Pandas or whales?

Tough one…Pandas. 

► McDonald’s or Burger King?

Yummy Mcdonalds.

► Books or magazines?

Books Books Books!

► Circles or squares?


► Ketchup or mustard?

Good old’ Ketchup. Image result for tattoos designs

► Piercings or tattoos?

❤️ Tattoos.

► Puzzles or board games?

Puzzles (They intrigue me).

► Living room or bedroom?

Bedroom (Comfort).

► Sandals or sneakers?


► Apples or oranges?


► Bagels or toast?

Got to be Toast for me.

► Weird or crazy?


► Skates or bike?


► Go skiing or snowboarding?


► Watch or play sports?

Due to my M/E, I’ll have to pick Watch (Otherwise it would’ve been Play). Image result for sea

► Swim in a pool or in the sea?

In the Sea.

► Cars or trucks?

Like Both. 


► Alaska or Hawaii?

Hawaii (Dream vacation).

► Shower or tub?

Shower (Baths hurt my bones).

► TV Shows or movies?

At the minute…Tv Shows.

► Breakfast or dinner?

Dinner (More variety).

► Bananas or apples?

Apples (Cannot stand Bananas)

► Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter anytime. Image result for mountains

► Mountains or beach?

Oooh, this is tricky…I’m going to go with Mountains.

► Digital watch or analogue?


► Freedom or hope?

Freedom (It’s always nice to have a bit of Hope though).

► Alice in Wonderland or Robinson Crusoe?

Alice in Wonderland.

► Snow White or Cinderella?


► Sitting or standing?

Standing (I fidget a lot if sat for quite some time).

► Comedy or drama?

Its got to be Comedy.

► Being too warm or too cold?

Too cold (Hate being overheated).  Related image

► Pasta or pizza?

Pizza every time.

► Online shopping or in-person shopping?

Both have advantages/disadvantages, I’m choosing in-person shopping.

► Writing poetry or reading poetry?

Reading Poetry.

► Family or friends?


► Scooby-Doo or Tom and Jerry?

Hard choice (both part of my childhood) Scooby-Doo. 

Image result for scooby doo

Enjoy the rest of your week, and I shall see you next time!

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