Bondville Model Village

Hello everyone, good morning! Hope you’re all well. My family and I have come down with colds but it has been officially deemed Autumn / Flu season, so we’re full of sniffles and having to keep the tissues at hand, ‘oh the joys.’ In other news, I had a pretty good birthday, if we forget a few things that nearly spoiled it (I won’t say what), but I had an almost stress-free day which was nice and I got some really lovely presents from my family that I will cherish forever!

Now I had a relaxing day on Saturday, my actual birthday, but on Sunday my parents took me out to Bridlington to look around the Bondville Model Village, so rather than just having one day for my birthday, I kind of had a birthday weekend, but as we didn’t/couldn’t do anything for my mums birthday, and I knew she had been wanting to go to the Model Village, I made her make a deal that it was to be a joint birthday trip which she reluctantly agreed to. We had a really fun time, the man that runs it was so kind and welcoming, I definitely recommend a visit!

Bondville Model Village

Bondville Model Village Bridlington | Model village, East riding of  yorkshire, Village

Bondville Model Village is located in Sewerby, near Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire. It is a really cute place to visit and although you’d struggle to spend more than an hour there it’s still a fun and unique attraction in the Yorkshire area.. Sewerby Hall and Gardens are located close by so this is a great place to go and combine a visit with.

Bondville Model Village goes up for sale for £230,000 | Daily Mail Online

The model village was first created back in 1987 and it took 2 years to build. Today there are around 200 buildings that were all painstakingly created with amazing detail. It is not modelled on anywhere in particular but it all feels so familiar. Young kids could walk around in a matter of minutes so make sure you pick up a trail sheet for them. It will make them focus their attention more on all the wonderful things to see.

The fact it took 2 years to create only goes to prove the attention to detail that went into this place. You will feel like a giant walking around life in miniature. There’s water, a train running around the village plus all aspects of family life. There’s miniature people enjoying sports, a concert and so much more.

There are miniature shops.

a church…

and even a harbor with boats, a waterfall and canal. Most tricky to prepare are the 900 figures, from cars to boats, with each needing to be hand painted.

There is even a castle. All aspects of village life are covered.

If you do decide to visit this cool attraction, I have to inform you that from October 1st 2021 it will be closed until 2022 (opening date unknown), but it is something to look forward to for next year! 😃

Here are some extra pictures to look through…

The model village is set in beautiful grounds and has it’s own tea room which has a 5 rating for hygiene and specializes in homemade cakes and has an outside seating terrace as well as space inside, so it’s a lovely spot to take all ages for a day out including grandparents!

Additional Information:

Location – Sewerby Rd, Sewerby, Bridlington YO15 1ER

Website –


General Admission (Cash only)
Adults: £4.00
Kids: £2.50
Seniors: £3.00
Family (2 adults, 2 kids): £10.00

*As well as free parking on site, it is also wheelchair/pushchair accessible*

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you all have a good week and manage to stay dry, I say that because I’ve heard that there’s a good chance there could be a torrential downpour here in the U.K, so keep warm and I shall see you next Wednesday!

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