This or That: Travel Edition

Hello you wonderful people, how are you all? hopefully doing well. I've been in a lot of pain due to my Fibromyalgia acting up  😞 if you're unsure of what it is I will insert a link here that will give you some information about the condition. I can't decide whether this past week … Continue reading This or That: Travel Edition

10 Of The Best Museums In The U.K!

Good morning, hope you're all well. I can't believe its September already, where has the time gone? how are we only 3 and a half months away from Christmas? It's quite scary to think about really, and those questions have been circling around in my head the past couple of days, but until December comes … Continue reading 10 Of The Best Museums In The U.K!

Picturesque Places in the World to Take Photographs!

Hello, you lovely lot! I hope you're all doing ok. It's a little bit hectic in our house at the moment, as we've acquired a major leak in our utility room which is making our ceiling start to cave in, and with the sudden downpours that keep happening, the water keeps seeping through somehow, so … Continue reading Picturesque Places in the World to Take Photographs!

Celebrate Amelia Earhart!

Howdy everybody, hope you're all well and managing to cope somehow with this heatwave that's happening, we've been relying on having the windows open and having the fans oscillating to keep the room cool. Apart from the scorching heat, this past week has been really good ☺ we went and visited my sister (who I hadn't … Continue reading Celebrate Amelia Earhart!