Best Virtual Museum Tours!

Morning everyone, hope all is well 🤞🏼 I apologise that this weeks post is a day later than usual, but unfortunately our broadband cable had been sabotaged by someone as the cable guy found it had been tampered with, so we didn’t have any TV Channels or Internet for two – three days, which meant sadly I could not post yesterday, but on with today’s post…

Last Sunday, my family and I were looking into visiting a museum that’s close to where we live, there were a few we found through the website but a lot of them had an entrance fee, now with what’s happening all around the world right now I know that many people can’t afford to spend the money they have away, so I came up with the idea of doing a post on some of the best Virtual Museums all around the world that are free (obviously) that you can take a look at without even leaving your sofa!

Here are just some of those Museums…

Top 10 Virtual Museums

1. British Museum, London

Job Listing: Finance Officer (Data Analysis) at The British Museum –  Knowledge Quarter

There are 3,212 panes of glass in the domed ceiling of the British Museum’s Great Court, and no two are the same – and the 360-degree view in this virtual tour lets viewers examine each and every one. Beyond this magnificent space, viewers can find the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and other ancient wonders. The museum’s interactive infographic platform, History Connected, goes into further depth of various objects with curators, along a timeline. Website:

2. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Marveling At Old Masters In Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum – Forbes Travel Guide  Stories

This grand museum has a vast collection of art and historical objects across 80 galleries. A 10-year renovation project was completed in 2013, transforming the space and combining elements of 19th-century grandeur with modern lighting and a new glass-roofed atrium. The interactive tour helps viewers get up close to every brush stroke by Vermeer, Rembrandt and other Dutch masters while exploring the Great Hall and beyond. Website:

3. National History Museum, London

Wonderful museum but temperature hot inside - Natural History Museum, London  Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor

From the diplodocus to the dodo, botany to butterflies, giant crystals to specimens in jars … the Natural History Museum’s vast collection has long been a favourite of both Londoners and tourists. Get lost in the corridors and gallery spaces – one treat is Dippy the dino, who despite recently going on tour still makes an appearance in the entrance hall in this interactive online guide. Website:

4. J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

The Getty Center Review & Tips - Travel Caffeine

With more than 6,000 years worth of creative treasures, the Getty is one of the best places for art on the west coast of the US. Go from neolithic clay figures to Van Gogh’s Irises and Renoir’s La Promenade – just two of many artworks that feature in the virtual tour. As with several of our selection, Google Arts and Culture offers a “museum view” tool to look inside gallery spaces, with clickable artworks presenting further information. Website:

5. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

An American revolution - The Guggenheim by F.L. Wright

Thousands visit the Gugg every day just to explore its epic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building, and thanks to this Google Street View tour you can still wander its halls from your couch. Peruse the museum’s most significant offerings of postmodern, conceptual and installation art, then head to the homepage for a bumper database of its entire collection. Website:

6. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Musée d’Orsay

Fancy a trip to Paris? Oui oui! This grand museum holds the largest collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist works in the world, and you can click your way through the very best among them thanks to interactive galleries featuring van Gogh, Cézanne, Degas and more. Website:

7.MASP, São Paulo

Picture Gallery in Transformation, Sao Paulo Art Museum | HiSoUR – Hi So  You Are

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo has a very particular way of displaying artwork in their galleries: paintings are hung on crystal easels that make them look like they’re floating mid-air. Check it out on their virtual gallery, which also features online exhibits of art from Brazil and beyond. Website:

8. National Gallery Of Victoria, Melbourne

Virtual Gallery rooms - National Portrait Gallery

Like most museums around the world, the National Gallery of Victoria has temporarily closed its doors. But those who missed out on its big-hitting ‘Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines’ show (plus other curious art fans around the world) are in luck: the exhibition is now available as a free virtual tour led by the curator. Website:

9. Louvre, Paris

The Best way to visit the Louvre Museum

Begin your online travels in the City of Light. Even if Paris has lost its status as the most visited city in the world in recent years, its museums remain immensely popular. The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art and antiques museum, holding world-famous pieces such as the Mona Lisa or the Victory of Samothrace, and is actually the most popular museum in Europe on Instagram, exceeding four million posts. Website:

10. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

This incredible building is the biggest museum of art in the United States. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy tours of the Great Hall, the Temple of Dendur, and the Arms and Armour galleries. Website:

Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, and I will see you next Wednesday for sure. 😃

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