Places To Go During Summer In The U.K!

Good Morning everybody, are you all doing Ok? I hope so 🀞🏽 It has been crazy hot here in the United Kingdom, even having the fans on and having the windows open didn't help, thankfully, it's starting to get cooler now and we're predicted to get rain/thunderstorms (I hope that's true as I love the … Continue reading Places To Go During Summer In The U.K!

Best Black and White Photographs

Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? Keeping well I hope 🀞🏽 I'm still suffering with my ears, We've had to contact the Doctors for the third week in a row as they're just not getting any better. I'm hoping that they will start getting better soon as I've suffered with ear infections all my life … Continue reading Best Black and White Photographs

Best Chandler Bing Quotes

Good Morning you wonderful people, how is everyone? Well, I hope! This past week has been a bit more eventful than usual as my parents got their Vaccinations last Wednesday (which I'm thankful for), they also celebrated their 24th Wedding anniversary together on Monday, which is amazing! The U.K government has given us some news … Continue reading Best Chandler Bing Quotes