This or That: Travel Edition

Hello you wonderful people, how are you all? hopefully doing well. I’ve been in a lot of pain due to my Fibromyalgia acting up  😞 if you’re unsure of what it is I will insert a link here that will give you some information about the condition.

I can’t decide whether this past week has gone by too quick or if it’s dragged on πŸ˜• I’m unsure at the minute. What I do know is that I hope these next few weeks go by quickly (for me and my parents) but not quick enough for my sister who is traveling through Asia, as I want her to have a good time and enjoy herself, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss her, plus it means when she gets back, we will be able to visit her and have our chats that I also miss. So with Kim (my sister) traveling at the moment, she’s kind of inspired me with the idea of this week’s post!

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Below are templates of This or That’s: Travel Editions. I have circled my answers, but if you would like to complete any of them yourself, there are plenty of them to do either on Pinterest, click this link here: or just type into Google Images this or that travel edition or click on this link here…0.0..2520…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz-img.TvwFI_ct2So&ei=HY5eXqKaHpToaNumg5gE&bih=657&biw=1366

T or T (1)

T or T (2)

T or T (3)

T or T (4)

T or T (5)


T or T (6)

T or T (7)

T or T (8)

T or T (9)

T or T (10)

If you want to, I would love to hear what answers you guys would pick.

Enjoy the rest of your week, keep warm and stay safe, and I will see you next Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “This or That: Travel Edition

  1. I love the This or That questions, they really make you think. Here are some that I would choose. Adventure over Relaxing every time. Road trip around America over Road trip around Europe. I would be undecided about Tropical and City as they both present me with very different reasons. I would choose Mountains instead of the Beach. I absolutely love Museums so their really wasn’t any contest. πŸ˜€Xx

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