Places To Go During Summer In The U.K!

Good Morning everybody, are you all doing Ok? I hope so 🀞🏽 It has been crazy hot here in the United Kingdom, even having the fans on and having the windows open didn't help, thankfully, it's starting to get cooler now and we're predicted to get rain/thunderstorms (I hope that's true as I love the … Continue reading Places To Go During Summer In The U.K!

This or That: Travel Edition

Hello you wonderful people, how are you all? hopefully doing well. I've been in a lot of pain due to my Fibromyalgia acting up  😞 if you're unsure of what it is I will insert a link here that will give you some information about the condition. I can't decide whether this past week … Continue reading This or That: Travel Edition

Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day In the U.K!

Good morning you wonderful people! Hope you are all OK (fingers crossed 🀞🏽) if your not, I hope you feel better soon. This Sunday just gone, we were supposed to have gone to see my sister but unfortunately, my mum and I were quite poorly πŸ˜” My mum was suffering a lot with her back … Continue reading Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day In the U.K!

Countries that Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone, hope you're all well! fingers crossed🀞 My foot has been acting up a lot this past week, I don't think it's helped that we've been quite busy so resting hasn't been an option, but at least things are getting done, otherwise, we would've been under more stress than usual. Something that I've always … Continue reading Countries that Celebrate Thanksgiving!