Cadbury World Pt 1

Good morning everyone, hope you’re all doing good 🤞🏽

I’m still suffering with my ear, I tried a facial steam a couple of days ago which the doctor told me to do. It was nothing fancy, just me hunched over a steaming bowl of water with a towel over my head, and it did not help one bit, instead, it made the pain so much worse but I’m determined to do anything that will help in aiding my ear to get better 😀

A couple months ago my parents and I travelled to Birmingham to see my sister Kim and brother-in-law Chris, and as it hadn’t been that long since my birthday beforehand we thought a fun thing to do altogether could be to go to Cadbury World (Kim and Chris had been once before years ago, and recommended it) so I thought I would share with you the trip! Now I’m splitting it into two parts as I took quite a few pictures.

Cadbury World

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Cadbury World was opened on 14 August 1990 by Morgan Anderson on Cadbury’s Bournville manufacturing site and has expanded and developed its content through ‘continuous improvement’. Cadbury World has gone on to become one of Birmingham’s largest leisure attractions. Over 500,000 people visit there each year especially children and students. The estate features a respected education programme (linking back directly to the educational advancements and interests of the company’s original founding fathers).

Dissatisfied with the quality of cocoa products produced by all manufacturers, including their own, the Cadbury brothers took a momentous step in 1866, which not only had a great bearing on the future and prosperity of the business but was to change the whole of the British cocoa business. Until then, English cocoa had been heavily adulterated with starchy substances like potato flour or sago to mask the excess cocoa butter. Following a visit to Holland, the brothers discovered the Van Houten chocolate press, which extracted the cocoa butter. The machine allowed the brothers to produce the much more palatable, Cadbury Cocoa Essence, advertised as ‘Absolutely Pure- Therefore Best’. It was undoubtedly the marketing of this cocoa essence that helped to turn the small business, salvaged by the supreme efforts of two brothers, into the leading international company that Cadbury is today.

With all of the necessary chocolatier gear provided, as well as the tempting chocolate to work with, Cadbury World’s Chocolatier Experience is the perfect insight into life as a Cadbury World chocolatier. The two-hour session features a hands-on lesson in the art of chocolate making, from the history and science behind it, to tasting dark, milk and white chocolate, to better understanding the processes used to create each variety.

Learn the tips and techniques for tempering chocolate ready for moulding, prepare and fill your own set of individual chocolates in the same way Cadbury’s very own chocolatiers would have practised in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Learn hand-decorating techniques from our chocolatiers, known for their show-stopping creations to help bring the chocolate creations to life. Practise your chocolate handwriting, you’ll have the chance to test out your new skills on a Cadbury chocolate shoe and will take home your chocolate creation to show off to friends and family.

Always pioneers, Cadbury’s advertising has been at the forefront over the years, generating awareness, innovation (and drumming gorillas!).

Come back next Wednesday for part 2! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week 😀

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