Nannie & Granddaughter Quotes.

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing OK! Wow, for once I don't really know how to begin a post, where do I start with how my weeks been? Terrible? ✔️Check. Shocking? ✔️Check. Depressing ✔️Check. Heartbreaking? ✔️Check. Stressful? ✔️Check. We found out early Sunday morning that my Nannie (who I was quite close to) had … Continue reading Nannie & Granddaughter Quotes.

Best Chandler Bing Quotes

Good Morning you wonderful people, how is everyone? Well, I hope! This past week has been a bit more eventful than usual as my parents got their Vaccinations last Wednesday (which I'm thankful for), they also celebrated their 24th Wedding anniversary together on Monday, which is amazing! The U.K government has given us some news … Continue reading Best Chandler Bing Quotes