Best Black and White Photographs

Hello everyone, how is everybody doing? Keeping well I hope 🤞🏽 I'm still suffering with my ears, We've had to contact the Doctors for the third week in a row as they're just not getting any better. I'm hoping that they will start getting better soon as I've suffered with ear infections all my life … Continue reading Best Black and White Photographs

Best Architectural Photos Of All Time

Good Morning, how's everyone doing? I'm feeling a bit better than I was last week, I think what has helped is knowing my Nan received her first Vaccination this past Sunday and my (Great) Aunt is receiving hers tomorrow! That's definitely made me happier, especially as we're having problems with our next door neighbor who … Continue reading Best Architectural Photos Of All Time

Celebrate Amelia Earhart!

Howdy everybody, hope you're all well and managing to cope somehow with this heatwave that's happening, we've been relying on having the windows open and having the fans oscillating to keep the room cool. Apart from the scorching heat, this past week has been really good ☺ we went and visited my sister (who I hadn't … Continue reading Celebrate Amelia Earhart!